difference between cast sculpture and forged sculpture

What is the difference between cast sculpture and forged sculpture?

Copper sculpture has become a beloved sculpture due to its advantages of corrosion resistance, non fading, and non cracking. Copper carving is a complex production process that requires professional sculpture skills, and its price has also skyrocketed, making it known as a noble material in sculpture products. Do you know the difference between cast sculpture and forged sculpture?

Firstly, their difference mainly lies in the different processing techniques. Copper sculptures are generally cast using the wax loss method, which involves first making a wax film, then pouring copper water into the mold, waiting for it to cool before demolding. The characteristic of cast copper sculpture is its strong artistic expression, high texture, and long preservation time, which is basically a timeless rhythm. However, its value is also relatively higher. Choosing cast copper is often used for casting round or relief sculptures of characters, such as portrait sculptures and character sculptures, which can more finely depict the characteristics of characters, express their inner feelings, and be more vivid.

Forged copper is a technique of forging, which involves manually forging, repairing, and assembling sculptures based on the replicated molds. It is mostly made of copper plates, which are then combined into a sculpture as a whole. The characteristics of forged copper sculpture are generally good color luster, strong modernity, strong expressive power, and there are no size limitations. The disadvantage of forged copper sculpture is that it is not suitable for making sculptures with too much detail, such as particularly specific portrait sculptures. If forged copper sculpture is chosen, it is generally used for relief sculpture, and can also be abstract and simple decoration, as well as relief sculptures of people and animals that are not very similar, or round sculptures. The lines of forged copper sculpture are smooth and simple, The surface treatment is delicate and rich in texture.

Two types of sculptures with different craftsmanship are suitable for different design patterns, and should be selected based on budget, style, environment, etc. Forged copper sculpture and cast copper sculpture each have their own advantages and belong to two different processing techniques.

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