Bronze Sculpture Price

 bronze sculpture price

How to provide a detailed bronze sculpture price? Copper sculptures can be divided into urban sculptures, bronze statues of figures, bronze sculptures of animals, and bronze sculptures of Buddha statues based on their appearance types; According to the type of craftsmanship, it can also be divided into two categories: forged and cast copper sculptures and cast copper sculptures; According to the material, there are also three major categories: bronze, brass, and purple copper. The price of cast copper sculptures varies with different techniques, materials, and types. The specific cast copper sculptures need to be analyzed in detail. Next, the editor will list several types for you to answer in detail. Cast copper sculptures!

1. In terms of material, cast copper sculptures

The price of cast copper sculptures is purple copper>bronze>brass, and the price of pure copper, also known as purple copper, is approximately 7000-9000 dollers per ton. The price of cast copper sculptures varies daily, with bronze having a copper content of 80-95%, while brass has a copper content of about 65%. The higher the copper content of cast copper sculptures, the more expensive the price.

 bronze sculpture price

2. Forged copper and cast copper

 bronze sculpture price

Firstly, we need to understand the differences between the two processes of casting copper sculptures. This can be referred to our previous article “The Differences between Forging and Casting of Casting Copper Sculptures”. In contrast, casting copper sculptures have better plastic quality and are more expensive than forging copper. However, this is not absolute either. It depends on the specific casting copper sculpture to determine which technique to use. Not all casting copper sculptures are suitable for using two different techniques!

3. According to the type of appearance of cast copper sculptures

For example, for a bronze statue of a character, first we need to determine the size of a cast copper sculpture, and then we need to determine a blueprint. We should provide photos of the character to be made, preferably front, side, and back images. The main difference in the price of various character cast copper sculptures lies in the model. Please refer to the “Analysis of the Steps for Making Character Cast Copper Sculptures” for the method. Adults and children, as well as the elderly and young, have different facial features, and the difficulty of making a copper sculpture model is also different. The more complex the difficulty is, the higher the cost will be relatively higher.

Taking into account the above points, the quotation for cast copper sculptures should meet the following three conditions: determining the material, determining the drawings, and determining the process, in order to obtain a more accurate quotation and cast copper sculpture price. The most important thing is the drawings, because the price fluctuation is the largest. Different shapes and forms, such as flat cast copper sculpture and folded unfolding, have a significant difference in square meters. The amount of copper used for different square meters varies greatly, and the price may vary in units of tens of thousands of yuan. Seeing this, I believe everyone has a certain understanding of the quotation for casting copper sculptures, so if you want to know the accurate bronze sculpture price, remember to bring the drawings!.

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