Singing Ringing Tree

Singing Ringing Tree: Wonderful Sound Sculptures in Britain


singing ringing tree

In 2006, a unique sculpture stood proudly on the Penning Mountains in Burnley, England, known as the “Singing Ringing Tree”. This 10 foot tall sculpture was designed by artists Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu and constructed from galvanized steel. Unlike ordinary sculptures, when the wind blows, this sculpture will play a beautiful song. This article will delve deeper into the story behind the sculpture of the “Iron Tree Playing” and its grandeur on the Penning Mountains in Burnley.

Mike Tomkin and Anna Liu’s masterpiece

The Singing Ringing Tree is a work designed by artists Mike Tangin and Anna Liu, who created this amazing sculpture with their unique imagination and skills. This sculpture is a three-dimensional structure designed to mimic the shape and beauty of real trees. Unlike traditional sculptures, this work does not use traditional materials, but is carefully constructed with galvanized steel. This unusual choice increases the durability and robustness of the sculpture, allowing it to stand firm in harsh weather conditions.

Natural Symphony

singing ringing tree

The uniqueness of the “Singing Ringing Tree” lies in that it is not only a visual sculpture, but also a natural symphony. The design and layout of the sculpture make steel components produce sound when the wind blows, like a mysterious song. The generation of this sound originates from the vibration of airflow in the sculpture structure, creating a unique and captivating sound. This enables every person who comes to appreciate sculpture to personally experience the unique fusion of nature and art.

The grandeur of the Penning Mountains

singing ringing tree

The ‘Singing Ringing Tree’ stands tall in the Penning Mountains above Burnley, England, adding a lot of color to this magnificent landscape. It is located on a peaceful hill, providing an excellent opportunity to overlook the city of Burnley and the surrounding scenery. From this perspective, tourists can enjoy picturesque scenery, including tranquil lakes, undulating mountains, and vast grasslands.

The location of this sculpture also allows tourists to fully immerse themselves in nature and experience its beauty. Hikers and outdoor enthusiasts often come to visit to personally experience this unique sculpture and the surrounding natural scenery.

Awarded Architecture Award

The ‘Singing Ringing Tree’ sculpture has not only won widespread acclaim in the art world, but also won a national award from the Royal Institute of Architects (RIBA) in the UK. This honor proves the outstanding achievements of this sculpture in the fields of architecture and art. It is considered an innovative work that successfully combines natural elements with modern art, bringing unique cultural heritage to the city of Burnley and the entire UK.


The sculpture of the “Singing Ringing Tree” represents the perfect fusion of art and nature, bringing the audience into a wonderful realm of sound. It is not only a visual sculpture, but also a symphony of nature. The uniqueness of this sculpture lies in its ability to create beautiful sounds under constantly changing natural conditions, providing an unforgettable experience for everyone who comes to appreciate it. At the same time, it has also received honors in the fields of architecture and art, becoming part of the cultural heritage of Burnley and the United Kingdom. Although its appearance resembles a tree, its sound and meaning transcend the sculpture itself, becoming a story that blends with nature and art.

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