gillie and marc

Gillie and Marc

Gillie and Marc Schattner are a pair of Australian artists, and their works of art are very well-known. These two Australian artists are famous for their innovative public sculptures, paintings and decorative works of art. Their works are famous for their deep-rooted ideas, artistic skills and thought-provoking themes. You can find their artworks in London, new york, Sydney and other cities around the world.

Gillie and Marc’s works are full of longing for adventure and passion for love. The themes of their works cover love, adventure, peace, and their unique observations on social issues, thus guiding the audience to think about these themes. Among them, the most well-known elements are the two characters they created, the dog with a dog head and the rabbit with a rabbit head. These two characters represent Gillie and Marc respectively, and they are the protagonists in their works, symbolizing their love and creative partnership.

Last Three bronze sculpture
Last Three bronze sculpture in Astor place New York

Their sculptures usually attract wide public attention and discussion, and their artworks are very famous in the international art world. The sculpture of “Curious Camel” they created for new york City and their series of “Paparazzi Dog” are all their famous works. These works show their views and attitudes towards social issues in interesting and meaningful ways.

In addition, their works also express their concern for environmental protection and animal protection. They advocate the harmonious coexistence between human beings and animals and pay attention to the protection of endangered species. For example, their “Traveling Rhinoceros” project is to appeal to the global public to pay attention to and protect endangered rhinoceros in the image of rhinoceros.

Generally speaking, Gillie and Marc express their concern and thinking about social problems through their works of art with their unique perspective and artistic expression. Their works are full of creativity and depth, which makes them widely recognized and respected in the global art world. Their artistic works not only show their artistic talent, but also convey their deep understanding and love for love, adventure and peace.

King Nyani in Hudson Yard New York City
King Nyani in Hudson Yard New York City


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