The Sleeping Buddha

Shwethalyaung Buddha-Beauty of The Sleeping Buddha


The Sleeping Buddha

Chaukhtatgyi buddha temple, the sleeping Buddha temple in Myanmar, houses the world-renowned six story high Shwethalyaung Buddha sculpture. Located on Ruigongdan Road in Bahan District, Yangon City, Yangon Province, Myanmar, it is the most famous Buddhist temple in the area. The hwethalyaung Buddha has a long history, and devout Buddhists and tourists often come to visit to pay tribute and pray to the Buddha.

The Magnificence and Exquisiteness of Sculpture

The Shwethalyaung Buddha is a masterpiece of Buddhist art, fully showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship and delicate techniques of traditional Myanmar sculpture.

The expression of the Buddha statue is solemn and peaceful, with both hands and palms facing upwards, symbolizing compassion and wisdom. The Buddha statue has a smile on its face, revealing compassion and blessings for all beings, bringing peace and comfort to people’s souls. The meticulous carving process endows the Buddha statue with vivid muscle lines and clothing patterns, as if the viewer can feel the existence of the Buddha.

The Sleeping Buddha’s Light Shines to the World

The Sleeping Buddha

The Sleeping Buddha sculpture is not only a magnificent Buddha statue, but also a symbol and source of inspiration for Buddhist faith. Buddhism believes that the Buddha is the embodiment of wisdom and compassion, and his teachings lead sentient beings towards liberation and peace. The Qiotaji Sleeping Buddha symbolizes the Buddha’s entry into Nirvana, yet the Buddha’s light still shines on the world, implying that the Buddha’s wisdom and compassion will never be extinguished and will continue to illuminate the hearts of all living beings.

Every day, thousands of devout believers and tourists come to Chaukhtatgyi buddha temple to pray for peace, happiness, and wisdom. The incense from Buddhist temples continues to spread the teachings and wisdom of the Buddha, affecting Buddhists in Myanmar and even around the world. At the same time, this sculpture has also attracted many art enthusiasts and scholars to explore the vastness and depth of Buddhist art.

Visiting the sleeping buddha: Experience Burmese Culture and Devout Heart

The Sleeping Buddha

Visiting Chaukhtatgyi buddha temple is an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Burmese culture and Buddhist beliefs. Tourists can appreciate the exquisite works of traditional Myanmar art and feel the profound impact of Buddhist beliefs on the lives of local people. In this solemn and solemn Buddhist temple, people can meditate and seek inner peace and comfort.

In addition to visiting the sculpture itself, tourists can also enjoy the rich and colorful cultural activities and celebrations inside the temple. During the temple fair, there is a lively atmosphere inside and outside the temple, with people singing and dancing to celebrate the wisdom and compassion of the Buddha. Participating in these celebrations with devout Buddhists will definitely be an unforgettable experience.


The Shwethalyaung Buddha is the largest sleeping Buddha sculpture in Myanmar, representing a symbol of Buddhist wisdom and compassion. Its magnificent scale and exquisite craftsmanship have attracted countless tourists and art enthusiasts to visit. The cultural activities and celebrations held within the Buddhist temple are also an excellent opportunity to experience Burmese culture and piety. Under this light of Buddha, people’s hearts are soothed, their mood is peaceful, and they can also feel the eternal light of Buddha’s wisdom and compassion.

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