Statue of Franz Kafka

Statue of Franz Kafka: The Intersection of Literature and Art


statue of franz kafka

The statue of Franz Kafka was designed by Czech sculptor Jaroslav Rona. It originated from Kafka’s first novel “America” (1927) and depicts the scene of a political candidate being carried by a giant during a campaign rally. This artwork is located in Prague and was completed in 2003.

Kafka: A literary giant

Franz Kafka is one of the most outstanding writers of the 20th century, known for his profound thinking and unique style in his works. Kafka’s novels often involve complex interpersonal relationships, bureaucracy, and the sense of individual loss in modern society. His works are both unsettling and thought-provoking, deeply reflecting the various dilemmas of human existence.

Designer Yaroslav Rona

statue of franz kafka

Kafka’s works have been widely disseminated and studied worldwide, making it a challenging task to permanently depict his image in statues. Yaroslav Rona was a highly respected Czech sculptor who was selected to create this statue as a tribute to Kafka’s literary heritage.

America: The Background of the Novel

Kafka’s novel “America” is a work that describes the adventures of the protagonist Karl Ro ß mann in the United States. In the novel, Carl Rothman participates in a campaign rally, and the statue is created based on this scene.

Presentation of Statues

statue of franz kafka

This statue captures the moment Karl Rothman was carried on his shoulder by a giant. This scene symbolizes the individual’s sense of insignificance and helplessness in the face of political and social forces. The statue presents this scene with realistic details and excellent craftsmanship, making people feel like they are immersed in the plot of the novel.

Prague: The Permanent Land of Statues

The statue of Franz Kafka stands permanently in the Czech capital Prague. Prague is the hometown of Kafka, where he spent most of his life, so the establishment of this statue here has special symbolic significance. The statue is not only a work of art, but also a tribute to Kafka’s literary heritage, attracting tourists from all over the world to visit.


The statue of Franz Kafka is the intersection of literature and art, presenting the themes and emotions in Kafka’s works in a unique way. Yaroslav Rona’s outstanding design and craftsmanship have made this statue a cultural card in Prague, forever retaining Kafka’s image in people’s sight and continuing his literary heritage.

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