gomateshwara statue

Endless admiration: Gomateshwara Statue


gomateshwara statue

On the Vindhyagiri Hill in the small town of Shravanbelagola in Karnataka, India, stands a 57 foot (17 meter) tall single stone statue called the Gomateshwara statue. This magnificent statue is not only a symbol of Indian culture and religion, but also one of the tallest single stone statues hanging halfway up a mountain in the world. This article will delve into this statue, including its historical, artistic value, and cultural and religious significance.

Treasure of Karnataka: Slawan Belagora

Slawan Belagora is a small town in Karnataka, located in southern India and known as a cultural and religious treasure trove of Karnataka. This small town is famous for its impressive stone carvings and ancient temples. One of the most eye-catching features is the statue of Gamatshevara located on Mount Vendyagiri, which is one of the important symbols of Hinduism and Sikhism.

gomateshwara statue

The Creation and History of Statues

The creation of the Gomateshwara statue can be traced back to 981 AD, initiated by King Chavundaraya of the Ballard Regiment in Kolkata. This statue was built in honor of the second Tirthankara, Bahubali, of Jainism. Bahaba is a saint in Tirjian Kara, whose life story is full of enlightenment and spiritual inspiration, reflecting the values of abandoning wealth and physical constraints.

This statue was carved from a single huge stone, and the sculptor took 12 years to complete. The statue is located on a platform at the top of Mount Vendiagiri, and it is impressive that it is a single stone statue without any adhesive, thereby increasing its uniqueness.

The Artistic Value of Statues

The Gomateshwara statue has outstanding artistic value, and the following are some notable features:

Exquisite Sculpture: The statue displays stunning details, from muscle textures to facial expressions, every detail showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship of the sculptor.

Eternal expression: The facial expression of the statue conveys inner peace and a spirit that transcends matter. This expression is not only a masterpiece of the artist, but also a symbol of Indian philosophy and spiritual culture.

gomateshwara statue

Solemn posture: The towering posture of the statue highlights Bahaba’s meditation and wisdom, and also emphasizes his contribution to devout faith and meditation.

Cultural and religious symbols

The gomateshwara statue is not just a statue, it also carries profound cultural and religious symbols:

The Spirit of Jainism: This statue represents the core concepts of Jainism, including nonviolence, abandonment of material wealth, and spiritual sublimation.

Indian spiritual culture: The statue embodies the values of spiritual awakening and inner peace in Indian culture, which have profound impacts not only in the field of religion, but also in philosophy and life.

gomateshwara statue

Tourism and Pilgrimage: The Gomateshwara statue in Slavan Belagora has attracted thousands of tourists and pilgrims, who come to worship this solemn statue, seeking spiritual inspiration and power.


The Gomateshwara statue is an outstanding representative of Indian culture and religion, and is also a part of the World Cultural Heritage. It is not only a statue, but also a symbol of cultural inheritance and spiritual inspiration. This statue, with its magnificent artistic value, profound philosophical connotations, and cultural significance, is forever engraved in people’s hearts, inspiring them to seek inner peace and transcend material realm. The Gomateshwara statue is a treasure of Indian culture and one of the most eye-catching sculptures in the world.

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