David Shrigley Really Good

David Shrigley Really Good


david shrigley really good

There are a famous sculpture -David Shrigley Really Good in the Trafalgar Square. Trafalgar Square in London is the location of the National Gallery and National Portrait Museum, and is also one of the busiest squares in central London. On this always crowded square, a unique sculpture welcomes the arrival of tourists. Really Good “was created by artist David Shrigley, who was nominated for the Turner Prize. This 23 foot bronze hand sculpture presents an erect thumb, aiming to take a small step towards improving the world. The artist referred to it as’ a ridiculous but good proposal ‘.

Artist background

David Schrigley: David Schrigley is a British artist known for his humorous and ironic works. His works span multiple fields such as painting, sculpture, illustration, and literature, and are deeply loved by the audience. Schrigli’s creative style is often characterized by simple lines and shapes, as well as direct textual expression, and his works often contain elements of satire and social criticism.

The Story Behind Sculpture

The inspiration for the creation of the sculpture ‘Really Good’ comes from Schrigley’s reflection on modern society. He believes that the current social problems and challenges are complex and profound, but changing the world does not necessarily require complex methods. He proposed a seemingly naive idea that as long as everyone can do something “really good” and accumulate small things, it is possible to improve the entire world.

This concept is reflected in the sculpture, where the giant thumb is raised, as if giving the world a huge compliment and encouragement. Schrigli regards this gesture as a symbol that encourages people to take positive actions and contribute to improving society and the environment.

The Appearance of Sculpture

The appearance of the David Shrigley Really Good is very simple, but highly symbolic. It presents a massive bronze thumb that stands upright on the square, reaching a height of 23 feet (approximately 7 meters). This sculpture is visually eye-catching, not only due to its huge size, but also due to the shape and posture of the thumb.

The bronze material gives the sculpture a sense of eternity, in stark contrast to other statues on Trafalgar Square. The thumbs up express positive and optimistic emotions, and its massive scale also makes the audience stop to carefully observe and contemplate the meaning of this sculpture.

Symbolism and Interpretation

david shrigley really good

The symbolism of the sculpture ‘Really Good’ is very clear. David Schrigley conveyed a positive message through this sculpture, that everyone has the ability to take “really good” actions in daily life, whether it’s smiling, caring for others, or actively participating in social activities. A thumbs up symbolizes recognition and encouragement, reminding people that by accumulating small things, everyone can contribute to improving the world.

This sculpture also has a certain element of humor, reflecting Schrigli’s creative style. He expressed his concern for social issues in a relaxed and humorous way, and through this sculpture, he presented a simple and profound message.

Social participation and interaction

The sculpture ‘Really Good’ is not only a static artwork on Trafalgar Square, but also encourages social participation and interaction. Many tourists come to interact with the sculpture, standing next to their thumbs, taking photos as a memento, or making their own thumbs up gestures. This interaction not only deepens people’s memories of sculpture, but also conveys positive messages, encouraging more people to participate in the cause of improving the world.

david shrigley really good


The David Shrigley Really Good is a symbolic artwork that stands on Trafalgar Square in London, conveying a message to the world in a humorous and positive way: everyone has the ability to do something ‘really good’ to improve society and the environment. This sculpture is the pinnacle of David Schrigley’s creation and a iconic artwork in the city, attracting audiences to interact and think. It reminds us that changing the world does not necessarily require complex methods, and sometimes a simple thumbs up is enough to light up the light of hope.

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