Angel of The North Sculpture

Angel of The North Sculpture


angel of the north sculpture

Antony Gormley, who won the famous Turner Prize in 1994, is one of the most renowned contemporary sculptors in the UK, but he is also renowned for his unique figurative art. In this art, the widespread changes in size and style are mostly based on the same template: the artist’s own body. This principle also applies to this huge winged sculpture located near Gateshead in northeastern England. The angel of the north sculpture is located next to an important highway, reaching a height of 66 feet, with a wingspan of 177 feet from wing tip to wing tip. According to Gomley, this work aims to symbolize the industrial past of England (the sculpture is located in the coal producing areas of England, the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution) and a symbolic symbol between the future of industrialization after that.

Artist’s Background

Introduction to Anthony Gomley

Anthony Gomley is a famous British contemporary sculptor known for his highly creative concrete sculptures. His works often explore the relationship between the human body and the body in space, triggering the audience’s reflection on their own existence.

Honors of the Turner Award

Gomley won the 1994 Turner Award, which is one of the most important contemporary art awards in the UK. This award has pushed him into the spotlight of the international art community and injected tremendous momentum into his career.

The Artistic Style of Angel of the North Sculpture

figural art

Gomley is known for his unique figurative art, and his works are usually based on the casting of his own body, exploring the relationship between the body and space. The angel of the north sculpture is no exception, as it is a casting of Gomley’s own body, but has undergone enormous size and wing processing.

Size and scale

The enormous size of this sculpture is impressive, reaching 66 feet high with a wingspan of 177 feet. This extensive dimensional change highlights the uniqueness of the work and Gomley’s innovation in artistic expression forms.

Symbols of the past and future

angel of the north sculpture

Industrial heritage

The angel of the north sculpture is located in the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution in England, which was once a coal producing area in England. The position of the work links it with the industrial past of Britain, becoming a symbol of this historical period.

The Future of Post Industrialization

According to Gomley, this sculpture also symbolizes the post industrial future of Britain. It marks the evolution of society and culture, linking the legacy of the industrial age with the new era.

Location of artwork

Expressway signs

The angel of the north sculpture is located next to an important highway and has become a landmark landscape along the way. It attracts vehicles and tourists, becoming one of the symbols of Gateshead town.

Global impact

This sculpture has attracted audiences from around the world and has become one of the international representatives of Gomley’s works. Its existence has added highlights to the contemporary art world in the UK.

The impact on art

angel of the north sculpture

The Revival of Concrete Art

Gomley’s concrete works of art have had a profound impact on contemporary art, inspiring more artists to explore the relationship between body and space. His works encourage the audience to re-examine the essence of the body and existence.

The intersection of industry and culture

The sculpture ‘Angel of the North’ combines industrial heritage with artistic expression, sparking viewers’ reflection on the complex relationship between industry and culture. It is a symbolic work that connects the past and the future.


Anthony Gomley’s angel of the north sculpture is a striking concrete artwork that represents his unique views on industrial heritage and the future of post industrialization. As an iconic sculpture, it not only attracts the attention of the audience, but also influences the development direction of contemporary art. This sculpture will continue to occupy an important position in the international art community, providing the audience with an opportunity to contemplate and reflecting the artist’s unique perspective on the world.

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